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Water Based Steroid Recipe Winstrol Depot 50mg/ml

Pharmaceutical name: Stanozolol
Active Life: around 48 hours
Average Dose: Men 20-50 mg/day; Women 15-40 mg/week
Water Retention: Rare
Liver Toxic: No
Aromatization: No


The benefits of using our oral liquid products: The compound will bypass and NOT intoxicate the liver.

The Winstrol will kick in at a faster rate, oppose to tablet. Also no need to worry about extra things being mixed in with the active ingredient, such as binder, fillers, etc…

1)25 grams of stanozolol powder;

15 ml of benzyl alcohol (3%);

120 ml of benzyl benzoate (24%);

15 ml of polysorbate 80 (3%);

325.95 ml of distilled water (only).

2)1g Winstrol - stanozolol

14.25ml Bac Water

0.6ml BA

0.4ml Polysorbate 80

4ml PEG400

1. Add bacteriostatic water to a sterile 20ml vial.

2. Add Winstrol - stanozolol, BA, ps80, and 2ml PEG400 to a beaker. Heat until clear (note - Winstrol - stanozolol has a very high melting point so if it smokes a bit its OK)

3. Let Winstrol - stanozolol cool a bit

4. Draw up solution in a 5cc syringe. Attach a .45 syringe filter to the 5cc syringe and filter into the Bac water in the vial. Do this quickly so the Winstrol - stanozolol doesn't have time to cool in the water. The Winstrol - stanozolol will titrate out of the solution.

5. Swirl gently until mixed and then shake the out of it.

6. Purge filter with other 2ml of PEG400.

3)6ml BB (30%)

1ml BA (5%)

2ml Guaiacol (10%)

1ml PS80 (5%)

2g TNE or 1g Winstrol - stanozolol powder

9ml distilled water 

Add powder and solvents in beaker, heat until dissolved (~5-10min), let cool (it should not crash). Filter into sterile vial. Either get a new filter for the water or clear out the old one with .5-1ml PEG (I use .5 ml PEG 300, also be sure to subtract amount from water and/or use less BB in solvents). 

4)1 grams stanozolol powder

24% BB = 4.8mL

3% BA = 0.6mL

-3% Polysorbate 80 = 0.6mL

DISTILLED Water (ONLY use Distilled Water!) 13.25mL

Combine stanozolol powder, BA, BB, PS80 and heat until clear while swirling.

Sterile filter this hormone concentrate into your sterile vials **You should NOT have to filter fast. Let the solution cool until its warm, it should not crash!

Using a NEW filter, filter in your Distilled water at any pace you like. Be sure to keep swirling the vial as you filter in the distilled water.


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