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Prilocaine HCl

Product Name:Prilocaine HCl,Propitocaine hydrochloride
Alias:Propitocaine HCl
CAS NO.:1786-81-8
Molecular Formula:C13H21ClN2O
Molecular Weight:256.77
Appearance:white powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade


Prilocaine HCl a local anesthetic agent of the amide family, used for nerve block, epidural, and regional anesthesia. It is not used for spinal or topical anesthesia. Prilocaine hydrochloride is about half as toxic as lidocaine but, because methemoglobinemia is a possible reaction to its administration, is not used for patients with hypoxic conditions of any kind.

Prilocaine Hydrochloride is an FDA approved amino amide type local anesthetic. It is primarily used as a nerve block in dental surgery in the injectable form. This drug is also used in topical anesthetic creams. It’s often combined with Lidocaine. However, Prilocaine is less toxic and causes less vasodilation than Lidocaine.

As a topical anesthetic, Prilocaine combined with Lidocaine deadens the nerve endings in the skin. It can safely be used on mucous membranes including genital areas. It’s also safe for pediatric use.


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