Lab Vacuum Filtration Apparatus Hand Vacuum Filter Kit

Product Name:Vacuum filtering flask


Product Name:Vacuum filtering flask 


Vacuum Filter Whole Kit:

Graduated Glass Funnel

Fritted Glass base with Side Arm

Joint Flask

Anodized Aluminum Clamp

Vacuum Hose

Hand Pump


-- Vacuum filters are very useful in largevolume samples separation and purification.

-- Membrane PVDF type

-- Membrane pore sizes of 0.22μm

-- Light weight and heavy wall construction

-- Large knurls on the reservoir bottle cap for easy screw

-- Designed wide and easy access bottle mouth for efficiently and stably pour out

-- Engraved graduation ensure veracity

-- Ergonomically designed sidewalls and collar can simplify tightening/loosening and adjustments

-- Designed hose connector can fit multiplicate hose diameters

-- Non-pyrogenic


The Vacuum filter holders are used for filtration of mobile phase of HPLC, particulate and microbiological contamination. They are the basic instruments in the chemistry lab. Borosilicate glass or type 316L stainless steel parts are endurable many kinds of aqueous, organic or corrosiveA liquids for analysis. Also can be autoclavable at 121℃(250℉) for sterilization.

All glass vacuum filter holders: Classical design,they are used conveniently.

Filtration assembles: compare with filter holders, these products which join with silicone stopper are easily insert or pull out. Upper portions can connect with vacuum manifold, the combination is more flexible and diversified.

Glass filter holders: These products can connect with vacuum manifold. Compare with glass filter holders, they are durable and no damage.


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