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Glidant Silicon Dioxide for Tablet Making

Product Name:Silicon Dioxide
CAS NO.:14808-60-7
Molecular Formula:SiO2
Molecular Weight:60.08
Appearance:White Powder
Grade:Food Grade


Silicon Dioxide is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations, cosmetics, and food products. It is also widely used in orally-dosed nutritional products and regarded as an essentially nontoxic, nonirritant excipient. Silicon dioxide readily absorbs large quantities of water from its surroundings, and does this without itself liquefying.Silica is a common additive in the production of foods, where it is used primarily as a flow agent in powdered foods, or to adsorb water in hygroscopic applications. It is the primary component of diatomaceous earth. Colloidal silica is also used as a wine, beer, and juice fining agent.

In the pharmaceutical industry, silicon dioxide (also known as colloidal silicon dioxide) has many uses in tablet-making: some include as an anti-caking agent, adsorbent, disintegrant, or glidant to allow powder to flow freely when tablets are processed. 

The major application of silica in solid-dosage forms is as a glidant and anti-static agent to improve the flow properties of granulations in high-speed tablet and capsule machines. Particulate flow has a direct effect on weight uniformity and plays an important role in solid-solid blending and powder homogeneity.

Glidants reduce friction between particles and function to improve the flow of granulations in the manufacturing process. Silica also fills surface irregularities in granules, reducing inter-particulate friction and improving flow. Glidants also prevent the segregation and separation of granules caused by excessive vibration in a tablet press or capsule press. The presence of silica in a tablet granulation prevents cavitation or surging of the powder blend that often occurs in direct compression formulations. Uniformity in tablet hardness and tablet weight results from formulations flowing evenly into the die cavity during tabletting operations. Silica is generally used as a glidant at a concentration range of 0.1%-0.75%, and is typically used at the 0.5% level.


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