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DMAE Bitartrate

Product Name: N,N-Dimethylethanolamine
Alias: DMAE,dimethylethanolamine
CAS: 5988-51-2
EINECS: 203-542-8
MW: 89.14
Purity: 99%
MP: -59.0℃
BP: 134.6℃
FP: 40.6°C
Density: 0.897g/cm3
Grade: Food Grade
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder


Reactivity Profile

N,N-Dimethylethanolamine is an aminoalcohol. Amines are chemical bases. They neutralize acids to form salts plus water. These acid-base reactions are exothermic. The amount of heat that is evolved per mole of amine in a neutralization is largely independent of the strength of the amine as a base. Amines may be incompatible with isocyanates, halogenated organics, peroxides, phenols (acidic), epoxides, anhydrides, and acid halides. Flammable gaseous hydrogen is generated by amines in combination with strong reducing agents, such as hydrides. N,N-Dimethylethanolamine may react vigorously with oxidizing materials.

Chemical Structure

This compound has tertiary amine and primary alcohol groups as functional groups. The alcohol functionality, in combination with the amine and its low molecular weight imparts water solubility on the compound, and makes ester derivatives possible; the amine functionality gives the compound its alkaline character, and allows for formulation of salts of the compound.


Used as a catalyst for the reaction of aqueous epoxy groups. Also used as a one-component wet curing polyurethane hot melt adhesive curing catalyst and 2402 resin and activated magnesium chelate reaction catalyst. Also used as epoxy resin low temperature curing accelerator and polyurethane foam glue. It is also used as neutralizing agent for water phase epoxy resin emulsion and waterborne polyurethane adhesive.


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