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Decloxizine hydrochloride

Product name :Decloxizine hydrochloride
CAS NO :13073-96-6
MF :C21H30Cl2N2O2
MW :413.3811
Apperance:white powder


Decloxizine hydrochloride Applications:

The method uses titration method to determine the content of hydrochloric acid dechlorohydroxylamine.

This method is suitable for hydrochloric acid dechlorohydroxazine.

Method Principle:

After the test with glacial acetic acid dissolved, add acetic acid mercury test solution and crystal violet indicator solution, with perchloric acid titration solution (0.1mol / L) titration to the solution was blue, record the amount of perchloric acid titration solution, calculate , That is, too.

Decloxizine hydrochloride Use: 

Management of vertigo associated with diseases affecting the vestibular system. Hydrochlorohydrochloride for bronchial asthma and asthmatic bronchitis. Also used for other allergic diseases such as angioneurotic edema, eczema, urticaria and so on.

Decloxizine hydrochloride Reagents:

1. water (new boiling to room temperature)

2. Perchloric acid titration solution (0.1mol / L)

3. Crystal violet indicator solution

4. Acetic anhydride

5. Glacial acetic acid

6. Mercury acetate test solution

7. Baseline potassium hydrogen phthalate

Common side effect of Decloxizine hydrochloride:

Feel sleepy after taking Decloxizine hydrochloride.


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