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Citicoline Sodium

Product Name: Citicoline Sodium
CAS: 33818-15-4
EINECS: 251-689-1
MF: C14H25N4NaO11P2
MW: 510.31
Purity: 99.2%
MP: 259-268°C
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance: White Powder



Citicoline Sodium is a brain supplement that has received a lot of praise and attention recently. More and more individuals are interested in using natural compounds to help improve their memory and cognitive power.

While this might have seemed too good to be true in the past, modern neuroscience has proven that supplements like Citicoline sodium can have a significant benefit to brain function and memory formation.

Benefits Of Citicoline Sodium

1. It acts to protect nerve and brain cells. This is especially true in conditions where there is a low oxygen level known as oxidative stress.

2. It has also been shown to help treat cerebral vascular disease and certain types of cognitive disorders. Some of the cognitive benefits include improved memory and learning capacity. Some people also experience a faster speed of recall. You might feel like you have greater access to your stored memories and that the right answer comes to you even without thinking about it. Of course, these effects may present differently from person to person, with some noticing more subtle effects than others. Sensory perception may also be enhanced.

3. Some of the most often reported benefits in this area include improved visual acuity. Colors may seem brighter and sharper, with everything becoming clearer. In other cases, it may even enhance libido.

4. Mental energy is also increased in individuals who purchase Citicoline Sodium. This will lead to an increased attention span and improved powers of concentration and focus. One of the most positive nootropic effects of Citicoline is heightened motivation, confidence and drive.


For acute traumatic brain injury and brain surgery consciousness. Acute brain injury and brain surgery after a disturbance of consciousness, paralysis due to stroke can gradually restore the function of the limbs, it can also be used for functions and other central nervous system disorders of consciousness caused by acute injury, and also for ischemic cerebrovascular disease and vascular dementia.

Citicoline Sodium Dosage

The recommended dosage range is between 250 and 500 mg per day. The best time to take this supplement is probably in the morning, before breakfast. With lunch is also acceptable, but try to avoid taking it later in the day due to its stimulating effect which can lead to increased energy levels.

As with any new supplement, it is always advisable to start with a lower dose and only increase once you are familiar with the effects. This is especially important advice when dealing with Nootropics in general since they may affect each person slightly differently.

Clearly the human brain is the new frontier for nutritional science. Being able to create supplements like Citicoline Sodium that are able to effectively increase our cognitive power and overall brain health is already a reality and we can expect the usage for Nootropics to explode in the coming years.

Citicoline Sodium Side Effects

There are very few side effects associated with Citicoline Sodium. The supplement is generally well-tolerated and there are no known drug interactions. It is a natural compound after all that occurs in the body on its own. However, due to the possibility of significantly increased energy levels, it is not advisable to take this supplement in the late afternoon or evening.

Some users may notice a bit of nerves or restlessness, elevated body temperature, and possibly some gastro-intestinal discomfort. If any of these side effects occur simply reduce the dosage or take a few days off (and then return by taking a lower initial dosage).


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