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Choline Bitartrate

Product Name: Choline Bitartrate
Alias: Cholinebitartrate
CAS: 87-67-2
EINECS: 201-763-4
MF: C9H19NO7
MW: 253.25
Purity: 99%
MP: 151-153°C
BP: 399.3°C at 760 mmHg
FP: 209.4°C
Grade: Food Grade
Appearance: White Powder



Choline bitartrate is one of a number of water-soluble brain vitamin compounds that are often grouped together in the B vitamin family. Typically these important brain vitamins are described as having lipotropic properties, working to support the liver, nervous system and brain by releasing energy from converted fat.

Choline bitartrate supplements are available in tablets and capsules, and in powder form as well. The supplements include choline combined with bitartrate, chloride or citrate. Manufacturers combine drugs and supplements with these chemical salts and others for better absorbency.

Choline Bitartrate is simply Choline combined with a chemical salt to help its absorption. Other similar options include Choline Citrate and Choline Chloride which use different versions of chemical salts during the manufacturing processing. Using these supplements will ensure that you have enough Choline in your diet to meet the FDA daily recommendations and protect against memory impairment.

According to recent studies, the vast majority of people’s diets are lacking in the proper levels of this nutrient with only 2% of all post-menopausal women getting enough Choline Bitartrate. Adult men should also be taking even more of this in order to achieve maximum Choline benefits.

Benefits Of Choline Bitartrate

As Choline Bitartrate is consumed orally, it becomes absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal tract. Once entering the bloodstream the next step for this supplement is to cross over the blood-brain barrier and then enter into the central nervous system.

Upon entering the central nervous system, Choline Bitartrate aids in the synthesis and storage of Acetylcholine. With more Acetylcholine available in your neurons, this means that they are better able to communicate and stimulate the Cholinergic receptor sites in the brain. This leads to a number of different positive effects for mental capacity including improved memory and learning abilities.

Choline Bitartrate also is essential to the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. It helps with muscle contraction and movement, even playing a role in coordination. Within the brain, this nutrient supports nerve development and the growth and production of cell membranes. It also actually repairs old and worn out cell membranes, helping them to continue functioning properly.

This supplement transports fat throughout the body which can also aid in weight loss.


For adult men 550 mg of choline bitartrate is the recommended daily dosage. The recommended daily intake of choline for adult women is 425 mg; this can be increased to 450 mg during pregnancy and 550 mg if nursing.

As a brain vitamin take 750 mg (rounded quarter teaspoon.) once or twice daily with meals (or as directed by a doctor) .It is important not to exceed a daily dose of 8 grams regardless if you are a man or a woman.

Side Effects

As with any other supplement there may be some rare but unintended side effects. While Choline Bitartrate is generally well tolerated and very safe it is still possible to lead to issues like stomach problems (pain, diarrhea, vomiting).

When taken in dosages higher than those ordinarily recommended users might see some dizziness, low blood pressure, increased perspiration and salivation, and/or a fishy body odor.

If any of these effects present themselves, the best idea is to either discontinue use for a little while, or reduce the dose back to the recommended levels.


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