Capsule Filling Board

Capsule size Opt:00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#
Control Mode:  Manual
Capacity: 1000-3000pcs/hour
Material: Plexiglass/Organic glass,Acrylic
Filling rate: 100%
Sealing rate: ≥99.8%
Accuracy: R0.05mm
Loading Accuracy: W±5%


Capsule Filling Board

Package Kit

1. Body Board

2. Frame Board/Alignment Plate
3. Cap Board/Cap Plate
4. Middle Board
5. Powder Spreader/Scoop
6. Powder Pressing Board/Tamping tool

Capsule Kit

Capsule Body(The long one,filled with Powder)

Capsule Cap(The short one,no powder)


Capsule filling board suitable for small pharmaceutical companies, hospital preparation room, clinics, pharmacies, pharmacy, nutritious health food stores, research institutes, laboratories and home for irrigation in Chinese medicine powder and western medicine powder, health materials loaded (filled) into the hollow capsules.

Operation Instructions

1.Take the Cap Plate. Place it on a clean, dry flat surface.
2. Place the Alignment Plate on top of the Cap Plate, fix it correctly in place.
3. Pour capsule caps into the Alignment Plate and gently shake the caps into the holes. While doing this, cover the gap in the wall of the alignment plate with one hand to avoid spilling the tops.
4. When the holes are filled with the capsule caps, pour out the extra capsule caps.
5. Now take the Body Plate. Fix the Alignment Plate to the Body Plate.

6. Pour Capsule body into the Alignment Plate and shake as before to fill the holes. Pour off extra capsule body.

7.Pour into powder on the body board and use the spreader to fill the bottoms.

8.If the bottoms are not filled enough, use the tamping tool to compress the fillings and repeat the previous procedure.

9. Remove the tamping tool ,Take the filled Cap Plate and place the Middle Plate on top .
10. Turn the Cap Plate / Middle Plate over and fix to the Body Plate.

11. Using hands and equal pressure press down once to fit both parts of the capsule together.

Here are some videos to watch how to make capsules.


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