How to Use Raw Sarm Powder?

By Bella Lee | 24 August 2016 | 20 Comments

Homebrew Sarm Raw Powders at home is also easy,here is my guide for liquid oral preparation for Ostarine 25mg/ml or Andarine (S-4) 25mg/ml or GW 501516 10mg/ml Solution.

Items Needed(All are legal, and easily acquired):

A proper scale that can measure .001 g 

Alcohol (everclear or Bacardi 151)

60ml eyedroper bottles (30ml is also ok,60 ml bottle size chosen as it gives 30 or 60 day supply)

A graduated cylinder (100ml)


1.5g Ostarine or Andarine (S-4) Powder or 600mg GW501516 Powder

60ml Alcohol (Everclear or Bacardi 151)


1.Weigh out 1.5g Ostarine or Andarine (S-4) Powder or 600mg GW501516 Powder 

2.Put the powder into the dropper bottle

3.Measure 60 ml Alcohol (Everclear or Bacardi 151)

4.Pour the Alcohol into the dropper bottle.

5.Cover with your thumb and shake vigorously.

After a few min most will be dissolved. (there may be a few flakes floating around, this dissolved for me after a few more min of shaking, though it could have been that the liquid and bottle warmed in my hand. )

You will end up with a cloudy solution (almost milky) this is ok, it may even settle a bit when left alone for a day or many hours.You should have a clear solution when finished.

All compounds should be shaken before you dose so that you do not see any large clumps on the bottle or floating, this way you ensure even distribution when administered.

Yes it tastes like shit, that is the everclear or bacardi 151 you are tasting and why these are usually not drunkin straight.

Suck it up, have a chaser of juice or really anything and you will be a fine big boy.

Aigars Karklins
May 01,2019 22:03
Can i use a Beer 0.5L - 5% alc. to mix 1000mg LGD-4033 ? I would take one sip (about 5-10ml) in the morning before workout,
August 11,2018 02:58
So I plan on taking LGD 4033 5mg, MK 677 25mg, YK 11 5mg, and Ostarine 10mg daily. Can I mix these all together daily with heated ethanol and drink it together? Also is there a formula that determines how much ethanol to use?
Bill Pavone
June 28,2018 04:03
Heard u don't have to mix with anything just measure and swallow from a reputable source. Anyone dare???
June 18,2018 10:17
June 18,2018 07:41
i live in Australia, what if i cant source bacardi 151 or everclear what can i use to make my finished Sarms ?
January 25,2018 20:46
UPDATE: while the alcohol with the GW mixture inside the beaker that I placed in a pot with boiling water, was still hot, i took a little of the liquid out into a smaller beaker to let it cool off, and notice that i could see crystals inside, which means in order to get the gw to completely dissolve, it would have to be heater. The one thing I'm not sure about is, how long I could store this. I mean, I know that the shelf life of the powder is like 2 years, but I'm not sure if that changes once I mixed it with alcohol and heated it up to dissolve it.
January 25,2018 20:32
So i recently got some GW powder, mixed it with chinese rice wine (56%), after a while, it all just settled at the bottom. Then I placed the beaker with the mixture in a pot boiling water for a couple of minutes, the white sediment disappeared completely to the point of the alcohol being clear again. Also tried bacardi 151, the powder just settles at the bottom. The bacardi turned a little lighter, but i can still see most of the sediment at the bottom. I saw a guy on youtube just taking the powder at 20mg without mixing it, i mean, not trying to dissolve it or anything, so that seems like the best way. First hand experience.
January 11,2018 05:41
So 1.2g will make 60 ml at 20mg/1ml. Right?
December 14,2017 04:06
Hi! Nice guide thanks! Quick question: i can't buy everclear easly in the EU and the bacardi is very expensive. But I can get ethanol 70% from pharmacy which is drinkable but taste like shit. I would stick with ethanol cuz it dissolves almost every sarm. So my question: is a pharmacy grade ethanol suitable for this? How long the suspension's shelf life is?
June 25,2017 08:29
If I'm taking s4 at 50 mg daily wouldn't 1.5 gram only cover me for 30 days I'm confused?
Yes correct but your should take finished product not raw powder
Big steve
June 02,2017 22:33
60 day supply more ideal with cardarine than 50 day, pls let me know if this recipe will work 100% 1.2g GW-powder 58.8ml everclear 60ml @ 20mg/ml so, powder will liquify without PEG, just asking because some do and some dont. thanks again, steve
Yeah can you add me on Skype:bella.lee36,or do you use whatsapp,I think it is more convenient to talk
Big steve
June 02,2017 22:02
hello again my friend, i planned to do cardarine @ 20mg/ml 1g powder 49ml everclear 50ml @ 20mg/ml will this recipe work 100%, no PEG needed? thanks, Big steve
Yes I think it is ok but just taste may be not good as it is only everclear
June 02,2017 10:17
What proof ever clear do you use
April 17,2017 22:07
Does S4 need to be dissolved in alcohol? Can I use olive oil instead?
Yes it need to be dissolved in alcohol,I don't think oil work
March 17,2017 09:47
After mixing the solution of GW do I dose at 10mg per day?
Sorry I am sure about using,we only know the raws and how to make it finished
Matan Nahmani
February 13,2017 20:55
i have got absent alcohol 60% its 120proof alcohol do you think it will work or should i get something stronger
December 03,2016 03:23
Say I was using PEG, Ethanol, Propylene Glycol or Deionized Water... All these can be consumed. Don't you usually want to pour the powder into the solution in say a beaker and heat it up while mixing? Does this method seem more or less fullproof? To say hit the melting point of the powder i.e. 72 C and mix it/ stir it together that way let it cool than place it in your droppers?
Yes you can heat it but you should be careful,both PEG and alcohol are flammable.
November 06,2016 00:13
can i also use 40% alcohol? if not, why?
I don't think so,everclear and other wine are made of food products,but alcohol is made of chemicals,it cannot be drinked,not healthy for human body.
October 09,2016 13:39
*appears to be active. Anyway, didn't realise it cuts long comments, question is: can't get everclear in Australia & 151 is $120/bottle & very hard to find, nobody stocks it & not willing to order just 1 bottle. What else can I use... vodka, bacteriostati
Other Alcohol is also ok I think,as long as it can be drinked
October 09,2016 13:18
Hey thanks for the awesome guide. I just got some GW from an online source in unsure about, will be looking for a different supplier next time I think... but that's beside the point, I've got the powder and sampled with caps/scales and it appears to be ac
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