Steroid Season Cycle

By Bella Lee | 07 April 2017 | 5 Comments
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Make Your Own Steroids Injections

By Bella Lee | 18 January 2017 | 5 Comments
Many people want to make their own injectable steroids but wonder how to do it,here is all what you need for homebrewing steroids:
Good Steroids Recipe
Tools and Devices needed
Steps for Making Steroid Injections
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How to Prevent Steroid PIP (Post Injection Pain) ?

By Bella Lee | 05 January 2017 | 5 Comments
A lot of people suffered from PIP after steroid injection.PIP is post injection pain,the pain around injection site.It is the act of puncturing the skin and injecting a foreign substance into the muscle.Some gear like prop causes pip more than others.There are 9 tips to avoid pip.
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PEG 300,PEG 400 or PEG 600 to Suspend Orals?

By Bella Lee | 30 November 2016 | 5 Comments
For applications where Peg 300 was specified - Peg 400 should be fine - the viscosity difference is not significant.
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Solvents for Making Injectable Steroids Solution

By Bella Lee | 29 August 2016 | 5 Comments
When to homebrew steroids solution,BB,BA,GSO and some other oils are commonly used.Each solvent plays a special role to create good quality steroid injections with less side effects.
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