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Terms of Payment

T/T Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram or Bitcoin.

(Sorry We don’t accept PayPal,as Steroid is a special industry. We do apologize for the inconvenience.)

The details will be offered when you are ready to order.


What is Bitcoin? Where to buy Bitcoins?

Introduction To BitCoins

This is an Online currency that would be the equivalent of Western Union or MoneyGram in the sense it is the primary way Internet uses make untraceable, untrackable, anonymous payments and purchases.

One can buy BitCoin Online using real money very easily, send them to another Person/Business who then can convert the BitCoins back into real money. It is 100% legal to purchase BitCoins and even the most popular stores are begining to accept them, but where you spend them once bought it completely untraceable! Large Companies already accepting BitCoin includes Amazon, Fiverr, WordPress and many hundreds of others:

Great – So How Do I Get Them?

As you can see above BitCoins are a rapidly growing Currency with thousands of Stores accepting them already, but how do you get them and spend them? This is a process with many vendors offering many solutions and because there are so many different ways to acquire BitCoins it can be quite hard finding the most straight-foreward method.

Championraws have investigated all the different services and Websites and have found the most simple and fast way; it is with a Company called CoinBase. Please see the Guide below:-

1.)Sign up for Coinbase
This first step is to sign up for a Coinbase account. This is fast and easy and allows you to store, buy and sell BitCoins instantly.

Sign up here ›

2.)Connect A Bank Account
After you sign up you can connect your bank account as you would with Paypal, this allows you to instantly transfer funds in and out of BitCoins directly to your Bank Account.

Add A Bank Account ›
3.)Buy and Sell Bitcoin
After starting your first purchase, CoinBase will complete your buy and put the BitCoins in your CoinBase account. From here you are ready to use your BitCoins and whatever you don’t use can be sold back to CoinBase and immediately be recredited to your Bank Account!

Buy Bitcoin ›
When you place an Order with the Championraws BitCoin Order form if you have a CoinBase account you can instantly send the funds so once the above is all set up, Orders can be placed as fast as when using Credit/Debit Cards or Paypal!

4.)Bitcoin calculator online >


No Trick, No Scam. We are here on your service all the time.
We would love to do business with people who mutually trust in their minds. But if you feel unsafe to send us funds, please go find the one you trust most. Good business is only for people who deserve it.

As for prices, with our quality assured, we believe that we are able to offer competitive prices for large amounts of orders. It is not only selling our steroids, but also offering our good after-sale services. We are trying our best to take very good care of our customers.