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99% Mepivacaine

Product Name:Mepivacaine
CAS NO.:22801-44-1
Molecular Formula:C15H22N2O
Molecular Weight:246.35
Appearance:White Powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Usage:Local Anaesthesia


Mepivacaine base

Surface anesthesia raw powder Mepivacaine base for abdominal surgery, limbs and perineal surgery

Product Name: Mepivacaine base

CAS: 22801-44-1

Standard: USP

Natural/Synthetic: Synthesis

Level: Pharmaceutical Grade

Content: 99%

Appearance: white powder

Packing: 10kg/fiber drum

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Field: Topical Anesthesia

Application: Suitable for abdominal surgery, limbs and perineum

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Mepivacaine is a local anesthetic of the amide type. Mepivacaine has a reasonably rapid onset (more rapid than that of procaine) and medium duration of action (shorter than that of procaine) and is marketed under various trade names including Carbocaine and Polocaine.

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